Graphic Design Portfolio

As well as a writer, I am also a freelance graphic designer with a degree in Graphic Design and Typography from the University of Reading. I work mainly on print and branding projects, such as logo design, posters, brochures, leaflets, large format banners and book covers, but also have experience designing e-banners for websites and have even designed scratch cards.

Prior to my current freelance position, I worked as a full-time graphic designer in London, for a small publishing, marketing, and distribution company. My time here was spent designing leaflets, catalogues, posters and banners, as well as postcards and e-banners for emails and the company website. Perhaps the most exciting project I worked on, was a 60-page photo-book commemorating the company’s 50th year anniversary.

Below you can find a selection of some of my work, which I’m hoping to add to over the coming weeks.

Business Card Design


eBook Cover Design


Business Card Design


Scratch Card Design


Logo Design and Illustration


Logo Design