Editing the first draft – Face your second draft with confidence and focus – step 7/7

Hello! For those of you who have just arrived, this post is part 7/7 in my ‘editing the first draft’ action plan. You can find links to the other sections below.

  1. Print it off.
  2. Have a preliminary read through and cut out any initial ‘waffle’ that doesn’t serve the scene and overall plot.
  3. Create ‘character sketches’.
  4. Create a ‘scene list’.
  5. Using the printed draft and the scene list, assess each scene in line with a ‘scene/sequel’ framework.
    5a. Cull any further waffle. Reorder scenes where necessary.
    5b. Add in scenes/notes for key details that may have been missed first time around.
  6. Write a descriptive summary of the entire plot, from start to finish.
  7. Face the second draft with a new-found confidence that you will be able to write and edit with more focus and clarity.

7. Face the second draft with a new-found confidence and focus

So you’ve made it! You’ve dissected your first draft, analysed and refined your scenes and now you are ready to face your second draft! Woohoo! I guess you are thinking okay so I’ve done all that, why on earth is there a step 7? Well, all the posts up until now have been pretty intense, and you’ve done a lot of hard work to get you to this point, so I thought, hey, why not publish a little post full of motivation and inspiration. You’ve got a plan, now to add the much-needed fuel to the fire. Because I am now at the same stage as you are – I’ve got my plan and first draft and the next step is to redraft – there is not much more I can say on this topic until I get stuck in and find myself on the other side of my second draft. I plan on coming back once I’m out the other side to update you all on how it went, and to divulge the little tips and tricks that I hope to pick up along the way.

A couple of quick things before we get to the motivational stuff that you might find helpful when you redraft……

If you think you need a little help when it comes to redrafting and editing the finer details of your novel, Heather has written a few really good posts that might help you on your way:

If you fancy aquatinting yourself with some tips on how NOT to annoy your reader, check out this post:
Things to avoid when writing your novel – how not to annoy your reader

If you are finding it hard to be productive and actually settle down to write, this post on productivity may be a life-saver!

And finally, heres a link to a little post Heather wrote about finding motivation.




Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed all the posts in this series. It would be great to hear from you all as to what you think. Good luck with your writing everyone!




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