Finding the motivation to write: top six tips to help you focus


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Sometimes, no matter how passionate you are about your novel, it can be impossible to find the motivation to actually sit down and write it (a feeling I know only too well!). Thankfully, there are some sure-fire tricks that can help ease you into the writing mind-frame, and help you to focus and be productive. Below are my top six tips to get motivated!



1. Go on Pinterest

Whether you’re stuck in a writing rut or just in need of some encouragement, Pinterest will ease you into thinking about your writing in an easy and passive way. You could find the answer to your current writing problem or maybe even find an image that inspires your main character. Either way, browsing writing-related media will put you in the writing mind-frame, which will hopefully make you want to dive back into your novel head-first!

2. Read success stories

There’s nothing quite like jealousy to kick-start your writing passion and motivate you to get on with it! Reading about writers achieving their dreams will hopefully encourage you to take the necessary steps towards realising your own goals and ambitions.

3. Talk to someone about your novel

I always find that if Im lacking motivation, talking to someone about what I’m writing / how many words I’ve written / what I’m enjoying about writing really helps to motivate me and get me back on track. Just make sure you are talking to someone who is actually interested in your writing (otherwise it can have the opposite effect – Gary, I’m looking at you…).

4. Read

Maybe you’ll read a book that makes you laugh out loud and think “wow I can’t wait to have someone feel this way about my book.” Or maybe you’ll read a book and think “this is a bit boring, my novel is way more interesting.” Either way, reading should ignite your passion for story-telling and reassure you that your work-in-progress has the potential to be as brilliant as (or even better than) the books that you have read.

5. Chill / procrastinate

Let’s be honest – there’s only so long you can circulate between Facebook / Instagram / Buzzfeed before you get bored. I always find that after a few hours of procrastinating I actually feel like working on my novel (both due to guilt and wanting to actually do something productive). Sometimes. Maybe avoid Netflix though – we all know how easily ‘just one episode then I’ll write 500 words’ can turn into ‘just one season and then I’ll probably go to sleep.”

6. Last ditch resort – force yourself

This last tip, although not ideal can work wonders if none of the above ideas work out.

Force yourself to write just like you would force yourself to get out of bed and go to work in the morning. Yes it sucks and yes, you really don’t want to do it right now, but once you get on with it you will feel a heck of a lot better. Sit your butt in a chair and don’t move until you’ve written X amount of words. Chances are you will get into the flow after about 20 minutes, and end up writing for a lot longer than you first anticipated. YAY!

Do you guys have any tricks that help you to focus on your writing? Share your tips below!


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